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If you are interested in carrying VITAMIN 1 and want to find out more about our product and sales support programs, please contact us at (617) 523-9090.

  • GYM TOWELS, WATER BOTTLES, SIDELINE COOLERS - Gym towels, water bottles and sideline coolers filled with Vitamin 1 available upon request and purchase order! High-quality merchandise helps promote Vitamin 1 while the game is being played. We understand that consumer awareness will send the crowds into your store for their next bottle!
  • OFF-PREMISE STAND-UP ICE COOLERS, SHELF TALKERS AND POSTERS - Off-Premise stand up ice coolers, shelf talkers and posters for eye catching displays! Point of sale is important to us at Vitamin 1. We know our fans will be looking for us after the game so we want that whistle blowing as they enter your store!
  • DURABLE & ATTRACTIVE PACKAGING WITH STATE OF THE ART ENCLOSURE SYSTEM - Our marketing team scored a touchdown with this one….you will not see our labels peeling, wrinkling or falling off and littering the area. At Vitamin 1, we spared no expense in bringing the strongest, tightest packaging to the sports drink arena. Feel the “POP” when you open the top!
  • TASTINGS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST AND PURCHASE ORDER - We know it’s just a matter of getting “Liquid to Lips.” Vitamin 1 is first in class. Tastings increase your sales and we love doing them! Our confidence comes from the consumer. We have a team of brand ambassadors who never lose! We put our best athletes forward when representing Vitamin 1.